"Richard Charles "Dick" Simpson" is an United States/American former Major League Baseball right fielder and center fielder. He played from 1962-1969 for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim/Los Angeles/California Angels, Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals, Houston Astros, New York Yankees and Seattle Pilots. During an 8-year baseball career, Simpson batting average/hit .207, 15 home runs, and 56 Run batted in/runs batted in. He was listed at 6'4" and 176 lbs.

Originally signed by the Angels as a free agent in 1961, he made his debut with them on September 21, 1962 at age 19 against the Cleveland Indians. He pinch hit for pitcher Fred Newman (baseball)/Fred Newman and singled off Mudcat Grant, driving in Leo Burke (baseball)/Leo Burke in his only at bat. Simpson appeared in five more games for the Angels that season, then returned to the team in 1964. Before the 1964 season began, Angels general manager Fred Haney touted Simpson as a possible Rookie of the Year (award)/Rookie of the Year candidate.

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Today we shot the ball well. You never know how Game 4 is going to go. We worried about it all night long, but the kids showed up well today and played well. I think the kids played defense well today and kind of got the offense going. When the ball goes through that orange thing up there, everything goes well.

We got all our goals accomplished except one, which was bringing home a trophy from the state tournament. It was a great year. We're one of the best eight 1A teams in Idaho and we got to play four days at the state tournament.

As city people move out to these suburbs, the days of pure Republicanism are over. There is a tidal wave that's changing the politics out there.

His fatal flaw is that he hasn't been willing to destroy the old machine to build the new Chicago. The people down below still see this as a wink and a nod. They still think you get a promotion at City Hall if you work your precinct; they still think you get a contract if you have inside connections.

It was just one of those fun games where everyone got into it. We made some three-pointers in the second half that helped us.

I don't think anyone knows the answer. It's going to be close. It's going to be closer than it already was before the stroke.

All Claypool has to do is steal 5 percent of the vote, and then it's tied. Anything could kick it over the line.

It was a great year. It's like I told the kids, 'We made it here. We're here after four days. That means we're one of the top eight in Idaho. You can't hang your head about that.

Yesterday we were well, I don't think we were quite mentally here to play basketball when we showed up. I guess we had too many distractions.