"Dick Jackson" was an English people/English Football (soccer)/footballer who played for Middlesbrough F.C./Middlesbrough and Sunderland A.F.C./Sunderland as a Defender (association football)#Centre-back/Central defender and later manager of the England/English Association football/football club Darlington F.C./Darlington from 1912-1919.

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Word's out that it's good out there. People are smart, and I respect the local mind-set ... They want to go out there more responsibly.

Touring is the whole experience. When you're in true wilderness, there's only one way to get there, and that's on foot. And you know there won't be a lot of people out there.

Because we're inland, and it takes a while for storms to get here, our average snowfall isn't that impressive. But when it snows, it's usually low density and low water content, making for great skiing. There's been really good energy around town because there's been great skiing.

We want to take people on an adventure but not someplace they're not comfortable going. This allows people to get to some very interesting terrain without a huge amount of uphill.

There's more and more marketing nationally; you pick up any ski magazine and that's all you see, is backcountry.