They were out of their minds tonight. They were clicking on all cylinders. They have the eighth and ninth guys coming off the bench and making 3s like it's a normal thing, which its not.

We haven't really thought about Oshkosh West since the last time they took care of us which was about a month ago. We'll have to figure out exactly what plan of attack we want to have. They are playing really great basketball.

I thought their whole team played well. They played with a lot of energy and they were probably looking for a little payback. They had some guys hitting 3s that ordinarily shoot a very, very low percentage.

They scored 32 points at basically point-blank range, shots right around the basket. They had some guys that were just licking their chops inside, and they just gave us a whopping in there.

He was very deserving. He had a heck of a year.

That's what you expect from seniors down the stretch, to play with that sense of urgency. These guys have really kicked it in gear. We had great performance out of all of them.

Our kids have kept believing that if they just kept working?. I can't even remember how many in a row we lost. To their credit, they just kept working to get better. Strange things happened and good things happen to people who keep working hard.

We played so disciplined tonight. We were the kind of team we need to be. We had that big lead in the second half and our kids just stuck with the plan. When we had that lead, we made them play defense and chase.