"Diana Williams" is an American television journalist. She is a news anchor at WABC-TV/WABC television in New York City, New York, where she co-anchors, with Sade Baderinwa, the one-hour 5 p.m. Eyewitness News broadcast; and hosts the Sunday morning public-affairs program Eyewitness News Up Close with Diana Williams, which airs on Sunday mornings at 11 a.m.

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One of the biggest things he learned was the ability to keep your self-confidence, even when somebody was saying you were wrong.

It's the best seat in the house, even though you've got to stand.

He called it the game from hell, because it went on so long.

' his wife recalled. ''I used to say, 'Charlie's asleep.' He was always so calm.

The other wives would ask, 'What's Charlie doing? How is he? I used to say, 'Charlie's asleep.' He was always so calm.

We're trying to take all of this and wrap it up in a package of what they need to look at at home.

He should be sentenced for as many years as possible for the mental abuse he inflicted on me and my friend, ... I'm sure there are others out there who would like to see him locked up.

I think you really need to be communicating with your children, and you have to become technically savvy. I don't think it's an excuse these days to say I don't know how this computer works.