We just have a good time. We've been playing together for so long, it's like breathing, second nature. When you are playing music with people you've know more than half you life, it should be that simple.

It's a huge day. We have people from all over the country coming. [And] I just talked to a group from Kenya who will be here.

Acquiring grants has been difficult lately, ... However, community groups are beginning to help us out. Lester Johnson, chief executive officer for Douglass National Bank is giving money to help run the clubs, such as the Greater Pentecostal Community Family Club in the area.

That motivates me and Mike, ... Me and Justin and a lot of freshmen came out here like, 'We can win the national championship this year.'

We definitely have an impact here, ... One of our biggest programs we participate in is Kidzone, which is a product of USD 500. We provide programming for kids before and after school. Each year we serve about 1,000 to 2,000 students.

He's going to change things at Penn State University.

We didn't just want to jump on a bandwagon of a team. We wanted to make an impact. I think we're doing that right now. We were looking for a group of guys who wanted to win.

Kids like it because they can have fun, ... There are great co-educational programs and everyone came come.

You get rain here, it washes out.

We're making a great impact here (Wyandotte County).

College is new stuff for me. So the game I'm looking forward to most right now is the first game -- South Florida.

We have six fairly new Community Family Clubs -- three that are primarily Hispanic and three that are African American, ... Each one of these clubs has around 80 members and there is no age requirement.

Justin and I were good friends in high school and we talked about it happening just this way. We wanted to go someplace where we could make a difference. We wanted to put Penn State back on top, back where it belongs.

We talked all week about establishing the running game. We established out running game, and now we can see that we can run and pass.

We never gave up. That was our motto this week — fight to the end, never give up. I believe. That's all I'm going to say. I believe.

Anyone is able to attend the 338-acre camp, ... Kids get to participate in daily activities, lots of arts and crafts and community service projects. There are also educational and group programs throughout the year as well at the camp.

That's why I came to Penn State. I think I'm a great football player. If I get the opportunity to shine, I'm going to shine.

I expect us to be the best-educated people in America. Nothing less.