Dennis Wilson
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"Dennis Carl Wilson" was an American drummer, singer and songwriter. He is best known as a founding member of the rock band The Beach Boys, alongside his brothers, Brian Wilson/Brian and Carl Wilson/Carl, cousin, Mike Love, and Al Jardine. Wilson was a member of the band from its formation until his death in 1983, recording twenty-four studio albums. In 1977, he released a solo album, Pacific Ocean Blue, to widespread critical acclaim.

Born in Inglewood, California, Dennis was the middle brother of fellow Beach Boys members Brian Wilson and Carl Wilson. Dennis Wilson was also the only regular surfer of the group, and his personal life exemplified the beach lifestyle that the group's early songs often celebrated. His prominence in the group as a writer and lead vocalist increased as their careers went on into the late 1960s and the 1970s.

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It's more crowded this year. There's a mad rush in the beginning trying to run around and get all the free little stuff. We probably won't get too many goodies now.

She was taking her picture, her senior pictures at the animal sanctuary and the tiger, for whatever reason, lunged at her and that resulted in her death.

We called them and said, 'Listen, we want you to show the region that it's OK to come into the city,'.

There was police cars everywhere, detectives cars everywhere, there was crime scene tape around this. And for somebody to do this to her, it just an outrage, really.

...I think these teams that are playing [today] have a great amount of respect for the Boston Raiders. I think this will show those parents and programs that were reluctant to come into the city that it's safe and competitive, and that there's no reason to stay away.

Parents on their own have senior pictures taken outside of the school.

But I think these teams that are playing [today] have a great amount of respect for the Boston Raiders.

I've always thought the highlights of the festival were the parade and the street market. It's always fun and it brings a lot of people to the St. James downtown area.