"Dennis Joseph Mills" is a Canada/Canadian businessman and former politician. He was a Liberal Party of Canada/Liberal Member of Parliament for the riding of Toronto-Danforth in the east-end of downtown Toronto. He now sits on the board of directors of Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp and CGX Energy Inc. He is also founder, President and CEO of Racing Future Inc.

Mills has long conducted business in Toronto. His grandfather William J. Mills founded the event support company in 1911 Chair-man Mills, and was also an executive with auto-parts maker Magna International. In the Canadian federal election, 1988/1988, Canadian federal election, 1993/1993, Canadian federal election, 1997/1997 and Canadian federal election, 2000/2000 general elections, he won re-election to the Canadian House of Commons/House of Commons in the Danforth area of Toronto.

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Frank came to this country with $150 in his pocket. Here is where Frank is really different -- he has never, ever, ever forgotten his roots. He has experienced being hungry, and he has never forgotten that.

There was some wariness. They were telling us we had a job but not a plane. How does that work? Then we were told that they were changing the mission. It was such a weight off my shoulders.

When people are drowning, you can't just look the other way.

There were stories going around that we were bringing 3,000 people. People were making up all kinds of crazy things. But it's fine now.

This is just one small candle we're lighting, but I think it's a nice thing for Canada-U.S. relations.

This has been a whirlwind, big time. After that Black Friday, we weren't seeing this coming.

Frank was somewhat frustrated with the perceived lack of instant reaction by the federal government. We're from Canada. You are our greatest neighbor. You are a neighbor in need. We happen to have assets. We can very easily look after 400 people.

I knew that once he saw in the third or fourth day that things weren't moving as fast as they should, that I was going to get a call from him.

The net effect of this plan will be to enhance the viability of Maryland Thoroughbred racing for the immediate future to the benefit of all stakeholders. This is truly a situation where less will be more.