When I was in high school, we would load up out-of-state hunters in a 1955 International pickup truck and tell them to hang on. We would bring them back after the hunt, dustier than heck and they would give us some cash.

It has gradually evolved. As America changed the people that came here wanted something a little better. For years they had been asking for a place to stay out in the country rather than a hotel room in town. It was hard for me as a farmer to understand that they came from a corporate world in the big city. They wanted a different experience.

Do they want to keep it simple and fun or complicated and not so much fun. The lodging business is a whole different business. Farmers and ranchers are good with the public but they have probably never been in the customer service business.

My dad did it on a different basis and a different scale than what we do it today.

FEMA said no, because we have renter's insurance.

We will even accommodate a single person who wants to be alone and hunt by himself. Not only have they hunted their whole lives, but they work at a slower pace and can relate to the customers.

This is when it changed from fun to work.

This new rescue car and crew will provide enhanced emergency medical service and augment the overall response capabilities to the residents of New Tampa.

A certain amount of efficiency is needed in the hunt. We don't want to chase birds off the land.