We missed more than our share of shots close to the basket in that second quarter in particular. So that was the ball game. We missed about seven or eight point-blank shots in the first half.

You are always disappointed with a loss, but I'm more disappointed in how we lost. R-B is a good team and deserved to win, but I think we lost with a very sub-par effort and sub-par performance.

We did very well in the second quarter, and that has been a microcosm of our season. We play a good quarter and then not be so effective in another quarter. But our defense played pretty well throughout.

Despite the fact that we struggled so much, I thought we hung in there with our effort. I wasn't disappointed in our effort, but I was very disappointed in our execution.

Their first seven (players) are real interesting because they're almost like clones. They just took it to us.

We came out soft and slow, got going in the second and had the defense really save us in the third and fourth quarters.

Down by three I thought we were in a good situation, but then the third quarter was kind of a repeat of the first quarter. We gave up points and we couldn't connect on shots.

We're a team that relies on balanced scoring, and when we get that we can usually pull out a victory. We had three guys in double figures and another with eight points, and that translated into a victory.