People in the City are counting on us, telling us, 'This is the year for y'all.' That's OK. We think we have a great chance.

That did it right there. They were hanging around, but, when we started on them right there, it put them away.

We can play better than that, that's the bad thing. We were good tonight. On a great night, they don't get over 40. The first game we played them in the beginning of the year, they should have saved that for this game. This was a blowout. I hate games like this.

We were ready for it. We did an excellent job being patient. It was frustrating, but if you go into the game knowing they were going to do it, you've got a better chance of being patient.

That's what we needed right there. That's why we're going to states. When somebody is down, another person steps up.

Can, too. All right, people would be surprised to know I sing, rap ? and like English class. I like to write.

You might not believe it, but it's Onion. You should see him eat. Look at his body, though. I have no idea where it all goes.

People have been overlooking the City League like crazy for years. It's good that we got here. Hopefully we can win it.

We have a full tank left. And we have some left over on the side, too.