Deion Sanders
FameRank: 8

"NFL Records"

* 4 career Pro Bowl interceptions

* Holds numerous other records and achievements

/statlabel1 = Interceptions

/statvalue1 = 53

/statlabel2 = INT return yards

/statvalue2 = 1,331

/statlabel3 = Touchdowns

/statvalue3 = 22

/nfl = SAN282736

/HOF = 302

/CollegeHOF = 90222


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I think 1,000 dollars is a number that's approachable and reachable. That's a goal we should definitely reach. It's not like it's a stretch. It's very attainable.

You need an escape, a getaway, somethying to separate your mind from what's going on. Sometimes you career is about that.

We feel this. Ed, Alan, feel this. I have friends, relatives that feel this pain. Help in any way you can.

[Flanked by teammates and Louisiana natives Ed Reed and Alan Ricard, Sanders called for each team in the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball, as well as other pro sports, to help him reach a goal of $1.5 million to $3 million.] Through unity, we can touch thousands, ... Help in any way you can.

We want the response that America had for the tsunami.

Through unity, we can touch thousands.

People reached out and gave millions to a cause. This is in our own backyard. We feel this pain. We just truly want to help in any way we can.

Football is secondary. This is reality.

As citizens of this country, we need to unite to help our brothers and sisters in their time of need. We must all stretch the boundaries of the giving as far as we are able to, knowing we will enrich the lives of others.