If you save money, put it in your piggy bank or put it in your savings account, but put it somewhere. I don't care where you put it. But make it tangible.

It is cheaper to do it online.

Nobody wants to be a scrooge, but at the same time if we are not, we are going to be far worse off.

The term 'budget' has almost become equivalent to a four-letter word. I like people to look at it as a spending plan.

People get mad when it comes to money.

Before you can get into things like investing and saving for the future, you've got to figure out how you are spending it.

You really have to crunch the numbers -- how much is it going to cost you to go to work? ... Women and Money.

When you hear the stats that the average age of widowhood is 58, it's scary.

If you're off by $100 a month on what you really spend, that oversight then is $1,200 every year. Think about this. If you can invest $100 a month over 20 years, and assuming an after-tax return of 8 percent, it could amount to as much as $60,000.