Debbie Williams
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"Debbie Williams" (c.1956) is an American teacher from Post, Texas who was involved in a famous skydiving incident on April 18, 1987 in Coolidge, Arizona.

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Alex (Kirkpatrick) continues to learn from every race and I am proud of her run. The rest of the race for us was courtesy of the underclassmen, as sophomore (Stephanie) Housley and freshmen Mindy Lake, Lisa Lake, and Kira (Davis) earned the remaining team points.

It's the most disgusting thing, ... That this is the United States of America, and it's taken so long for them to do anything. We can't get food to them immediately? I'm just beside myself.

I think most of us don't have much leisure time anyway. So you'll see people trying to squeeze in leisure when they can -- even people who can't afford it have a cell phone, so they can get things done on the run.

I don't wanna be anywhere else; I love this place. I always said if I were to lose my house, I'd be camping in the front yard and here I am.

It was like reading about my life. I'd been back and forth with doctors for years without finding relief.

I'm not very objective. I'm just hanging in there trying to manage my pain.

It was cheaper this way than flying all six of us. And we didn't want to drive, because we wanted to play cards and have fun with the kids.

This was a very exciting race to watch.

The main thing is that the girls played well as a team. They were successful playing together. Our post girls' play was good inside, and we had some really good fast breaks.