We're a young team. Our team is --- how do I want to say it --- we haven't won many games, but we're very spirited.

Unlike a merchant association, this is not a voluntary organization. We need to be able to count on funding year after year. ... If you want something, you have to fund it yourself.

That is the most important step for us to take before moving on to other needs. It's not just for the visitors. It's important to remember that we live here, too. We should want to go out to the village to eat, to shop and to work.

We are very excited and pleased with the $22,000 in sales.

C.J.'s cancer is really hard to tell how long it will take. It could be today or a year from now. We're all bucking for a year.

A lot of the other teams that we play do have ladies that are, like, in their 50s.

We have lots of offers of money.

Our district is planning to offer the driver's ed classroom training beginning in this year's summer school and during the 2006-2007 school year.

We are hoping this year to do about $30,000 in sales.