It was about a 3-mile stretch. Flags were put up on alternating poles on each side of the road.

The interesting thing about that was that his election was in July and 45 days later, we had 9/11.

Our voices will be heard in the future when we take up an advocacy issue.

We've been working diligently to introduce new, healthier offerings that give schools a broader selection of better-for-you-options than ever before. We're also providing incentives to our bottlers that will encourage compliance with the new policy. As an industry, we are part of the solution.

Parents tell us they'd like help in determining what products are sold in schools, and we're listening.

When he was our president, he wanted us to show our patriotism. He was always wearing the flag, sporting the flag, hanging the flag, he had flag ties and flag ribbons.

The name 'Ben & Jerry's' is synonymous with both fun and naturally good indulgence. As we grow our non-carbonated beverage business, we intend to launch breakthrough products that will really 'wow' our consumers. Partnering with Ben & Jerry's to offer bottled milkshakes is the perfect way to achieve that goal-- like a cherry on top of a sundae.

PBG Hawaii and Pepsi-Cola New York both embody Pepsi-Cola's winning spirit, ... These operations have delivered remarkable sales growth across our total beverage portfolio while tirelessly and generously giving back to the communities they serve. PCNA bottlers are the best in the business. These two bottlers' results and influences on their markets stand out as the 'best o.

It was about a 3-mile stretch.