The red states still wear shoulder pads.

He touched off a major controversy.

And we're all good at reading those clues. Let's face it, Pamela Anderson is never going to be mistaken for a librarian.

The boomers look better than any other generation their ages has. But as they now enter their 50s and 60s, their denial system is breaking down.

Everybody in the world wakes up naked and decides what to wear.

What makes Charlotte's case unique is the extent to which she has defied expectations in the past.

They say that, given the improvements in Charlotte's situation and given her continuing improvement, the doctors should not have in their back pockets an open consent from the court to let Charlotte die regardless of the circumstances at the time and regardless of the views of her parents.

[By SUZANNE KAPNER September 4, 2005 --] Have you seen enough flesh? ... Have you seen flesh that you wish you hadn't seen?

Motion carries and Mr. Bird's here for another six years.