PG Exhibits has done amazing work for Gates Corporation. I know Rod personally and it's an honor to work with someone so talented. He's an expert at bringing vision and a company's brand to life.

Everything was like squeezing on my body. The car was on top of - that made it even worse. And then my body was squished and I was hurt and I started banging on the floor trying to make them stop.

We are expecting a good team next week, ... We want to take it to every team that beat us last year. Especially since they beat us here (Bear River) last season.

Do you pay to provide cooling or pay for a new fire alarm system?

That's not even human. I told them that my leg was hurt, they didn't ask if I needed an ambulance or anything. They didn't ask none of that. They just left.

What mediation is designed for is to resolve disputes on the value on a claim, not whether there is a claim.

If they just wanted to deter it [underage drinking], they would wear uniforms. But what they want is to bust people.

They did make me feel like a criminal and I felt violated. I'm not a criminal and everybody knows it.

They're police. They're supposed to help but they're not helping at all.