We had a really good effort on a small field. We played on their football field and it was bumpy and rough in the middle. We had to dribble on the outside and it was tough to score in those conditions.

Our offense has played well for three straight games. We are coming around the corner just in time for the sectional.

We are confident that with TA's resources, we will have greater opportunities to grow by developing and acquiring additional products and broadening our international reach.

We believe a portion of this weakness is due to some customers delaying testing and purchasing decisions in anticipation of Y2K, primarily with our new products.

We are playing very well right now. Rivet's defense played well in the first half. We just made some big plays and some tough shots.

It was nice to bounce back and get a shutout, but we weren't always as good at the back as we could have been.

The ball was on their end the entire game. Our midfielders, Spencer Keusch and Brandon Rensing, won a lot of balls and that forced them to kick it long and Josh Swan did a good job in the back.

As the life of the contract goes on, some of the savings go to the state and some of the savings go toward paying for the work. It's a long-term deal.

The chassis system provides larger sites with an effective solution for protecting multiple circuits from line degradation and failure. Customers of the single circuit version were requesting this for their larger installations.