The parties just decided to get on with their lives and put it behind them.

The eccentric never changes themselves, never even contemplates doing that, ... They're always true to their own nature and as far as they're concerned, the rest of society can either like them or not.

'I can't believe this is up here. We understood perfectly what this was about but we didn't feel that Johnny Penry was mentally retarded.'

With Vista Enterprise, firms can deploy a single global binary containing all the language packs they need.

I see them as kind of supernormal in many respect because of their creativity and intelligence and the way that they cut right to the nub of the issue.

Overcharging for fuel, water, food and batteries - any supplies - the fine is up to $20,000 per occurrence, ... So if they want to raise prices, they better start tacking on $20,000 to everything, because that's going to be the penalty.