We decided that either the third time was the charm, or at the very least, the last time either of us was going through it.

We anticipate incremental growth because of the recognition the TV program will bring to the academic program.

The pioneer spirit is alive and well.

There were a number of older grocers serving that trade area. But we saw a need for a first-quality grocery store.

We need to be out of the ground in the next 90 days.

Be prepared. The stress and the pressure can make you run in all sorts of directions for any job out there.

They've got a good team. They struggled against Wilson Central. They beat Springfield 35-14. That got my attention. ... We'll be the underdog.

Make your day what you want it to be. What's special is loving each other and growing as a couple.

If they are confident in what they are doing and confident in their ability to sell the story, they should let the vote happen. They are getting into games I don't think they should be getting into.