"David Lee Walters" is an United States Democratic Party politician from the U.S. state of Oklahoma. He was the List of Governors of Oklahoma/24th governor of Oklahoma from 1991 to 1995.

Born in Canute, Oklahoma, Walters was a project manager for Governor David L. Boren and the youngest executive officer working for the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. He also worked in commercial real estate. As governor, he increased education funding, but his term was marred by controversies that ended with him pleading guilty to a misdemeanor election violation. He did not seek re-election and was defeated in a 2002 campaign for the United States Senate.

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First it was al-Qaida that was going to kill us, now it's our bridges.

A teammate's a teammate whether he's a freshman or not. It doesn't matter if we know him as a best friend or just as a recruit coming in. We're there for him. John's got a quiet personality to begin with so it's hard to judge, but I think he's holding up all right.

We have just as good a team or better [than last year]. It's hectic before the first game. It's been three weeks of preseason, and [there's] a lot of pent-up energy to get out there.

I hope it (the Chevrolet) stays in the family, ... It links them to that part of the past. It was important to (my father).

I don't like sitting back on the sidelines, ... During my 21 years in the police department, I got involved in just about everything there. I'm not some sort of rebel. I don't think everyone (currently on the commission) should be removed or anything. I just believe in my heart I have the qualifications to be on the City Commission of Battle Creek.

I make sure my jersey doesn't touch the ground because I'm superstitious and I put everything on my right side first, then my left side.

Who thought up this deal.

Guys have to deal with it. It's just frustrating when you can't put the ball in the net.

Having [him] back will be a big part of that, mentally and actually out on the field. He's always goal-oriented, always making runs through.