Chicago is a great theatre town, with theatergoers that are both discerning but adventurous, ... I know that Spelling Bee will be right at home here, and I'm thrilled that the Drury Lane Theatre is available to us. It has just the right feeling of intimacy for this show.

It didn't show the time we were investigating.

This, however, was a dehumanizing act that must be punished.

[Policy networking] is important because it gives network administrators the tools they need to provide a specific quality of service when, where and to whom it's needed, ... We definitely see a use for it as we look at delivering video training to the desktop.

They said they gave us all the tapes they had.

There were some brief conversations with city officials, and we all dropped the ball.

We opened May 2, and by the third week in June, we were selling out, ... Wicked.

All being well, ... `Wicked' will just be the first.

I don't have a killer in front of me.