David Starkey
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"David Starkey" Order of the British Empire/CBE Society of Antiquaries of London/FSA Royal Historical Society/FRHistS is a British constitutional historian and a radio and television presenter.

Born the only child of Quaker parents, he attended Kirkbie Kendal School/Kendal Grammar School before studying at University of Cambridge/Cambridge University through a scholarship. There he specialised in Tudor dynasty/Tudor history, writing a thesis on King Henry VIII of England/Henry VIII's household. From Cambridge he moved to the London School of Economics, where he was a Lecturer in History until 1998.

Starkey is a well-known radio and television personality, first appearing on television in 1977. While a regular contributor to the BBC Radio 4 debate programme The Moral Maze, his acerbic tongue earned him the sobriquet of "rudest man in Britain"; his frequent appearances on Question Time (TV series)/Question Time have been received with criticism and applause. Starkey has presented several history documentaries. In 2002 he signed a £2 million contract with Channel 4 for 25 hours of programming. Recently, he was a contributor on the Channel 4 series Jamie's Dream School. Starkey has written several books on the Tudors.

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