It is the supporters who pay their hard-earned money for season tickets and who want a seat every week to see the team in action so we would obviously consult with them on this matter should it ever arise.

Part of my role is to extend the reach of Hearts, ... In our outlook, we're not just a Scottish football club. We're now getting more and more UK coverage than at any time in our recent history and also more European coverage.

The demand for season tickets has been unprecedented over the past couple of weeks and we have been doing our utmost to get them out to the supporters in time for tomorrow's match.

The demand for our away games is such that we are going to investigate setting up a Hearts travel club.

Phil knew there was a communications job to be done at Hearts.

We have to make sure we can match the fans' growing expectations in terms of ticketing, back-office support and also in things like attracting sponsors.

It's just a case of listening and responding, it's not rocket science, ... Most people might think that what's most important from a communications point of view is information, but half the time it's about listening.

Both he and the board have big ambitions for the club, so it's important that the communications aspect off-field matches the effort of the manager and the players on-field.

We're not selling Mars bars, we're trading with people's emotions, ... In marketing speak a football club might be a product, but the reality is it's traditions, heritage and emotions. So you have to listen to what the fans want.