The powerful multiyear up-cycle in potash shows signs of maturing. Demand growth has slowed steadily since last spring, and North American producer inventories have risen to multiyear highs.

He's a great doctor and has a very busy practice. He has a staff and patients that depend on him.

It's brought everyone together and everyone is being strong.

We were all emotionally disturbed. But we had to make a living. And I couldn't build a future if I lived in the past.

He was as well liked by his adversaries as he was by his colleagues. He was an extraordinary lawyer and important to the firm.

Market direction likely hinges upon protracted negotiations in China, where offshore suppliers hope to narrow an estimated $35 to $40 per metric ton price gap between delivered prices in China and other major export destinations.

I've seen students using it to get to know other students in really large lecture halls. I've seen students using it to flirt and hook up with people. It's a tool for navigating through college life.

He asked if I would establish a workshop to help these Holocaust survivors get their dignity back, get off welfare.