"David Sears" is the name of:

*David Sears (America) (1787–1871), Boston philanthropist, merchant, and landowner

*David Sears (motorsport), former racing driver

*David O. Sears, social and political psychologist, professor at the University of California, Los Angeles

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It is rare that a school agrees to host a program of this size while the university is in session.

I think the whole team is ecstatic to have someone like Adam on board, because he's a proper team player, and he's a driver who appreciates and respects everything that is done for him.

Giorgio is also looking at opportunities in F1 and Champ Cars next year, ... He's been unlucky this season in GP2 with a lot of mechanical problems, so this is a chance for him to prove himself again at the top level.

You can't find Star Lane today?

Providing Adam feels OK then of course we'd want him to race. If not, then we have been given permission to use A1 Team Australia's second driver Christian Jones as a possible replacement.