David Sarnoff
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"David Sarnoff" was an American businessman and pioneer of American radio broadcasting/radio and television. Throughout most of his career he led the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) in various capacities from shortly after its founding in 1919 until his retirement in 1970.

He ruled over an ever-growing telecommunications and consumer electronics empire that included both RCA and NBC, and became one of the largest companies in the world. Named a Reserve Brigadier General of the Signal Corps (United States Army)/Signal Corps in 1945, Sarnoff thereafter was widely known as "The General."

Sarnoff is credited with Sarnoff's law, which states that the value of a broadcast network is proportional to the number of viewers.

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Nobody can be successful unless he loves his work.

Whatever course you have chosen for yourself, it will not be a chore but an adventure if you bring to it a sense of the glory of striving.

Work and live to serve others, to leave the world a little better than you found it and garner for yourself as much peace of mind as you can. This is happiness.

Let us not paralyze our capacity for good by brooding of man's capacity for evil.

We cannot banish dangers, but we can banish fears. We must not demean life by standing in awe of death.

Competition brings out the best in products and the worst in people.

The difference between our decadence and the Russians is that while theirs is brutal, ours is apathetic.

The human brain must continue to frame the problems for the electronic machine to solve.

Man is still the greatest miracle and the greatest problem on this earth.