The fiscal insanity that Jeffrey was willing to be a part of for all these years is over. We've been asked time and time again, when does it end? And today is that day.

We simply must play in a baseball-only facility.

You have to look at the stadium issue. You have to look at all sorts of other things that go on and work that into the equation. He is losing a lot of money. He has put money into this team four straight years. Three of them have produced winning (records). We've got to see what happens.

Right now, we're not marketing performance.

We do have the best grounds crew in the sport. But sometimes things happen that are out of their control.

Carlos is a valuable member of this team and we look at him the way we look at all of our players: Everyone gets evaluated at the end of the year.

There's no more fake deadlines or real deadlines. This is about the Marlins trying to save its franchise. We need a place to play after 2010, and we don't have one.

That's not what this is. This is a deliberate effort by the Marlins to correct what ails them. And what ails us is the amount of money lost.

[Owner] Jeffrey [Loria] has shown time and time again his desire to win year after year, ... He has shown his desire to have a competitive team. The reason why we never talk is the proof is always in the results, and it's far more powerful when actions speak without words.