David Rubin
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"David C. Rubin" is Professor of Psychology at Duke University. He is known for his work on the reminiscence bump as well as other topics related to autobiographical memory.

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Enlightening. I really started looking at birds in a different way, [for example, considering] the issue of space from the perspective of a bird -- projectile, trajectory.

At any cost, he was not going to be arrested, ... This is a case about one of the oldest motives in the world: to get away.

Why not make it (the law) specific so the rules are clear and victims have some comfort level going in?

To go on killing until he was stopped.

I do not think the media was irresponsible, because they had sources as high as the New Orleans police chief and the mayor. In fact, it would have been irresponsible not to report it.

There is also a widespread paralysis of the legal system in our area. The bankruptcy court in New Orleans does not exist anymore.

The defendant is right behind him. Bang. Bang. Tracking his moves.

Two minutes from now, he would lie dying.

A sense of loss more than anything -- because it was magical.