"David Rockwell" is an American architect and designer. He is the founder and President of Rockwell Group, a 250-person award winning, cross-disciplinary architecture and design practice based in New York City with satellite offices in Madrid and Shanghai.

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There's a sweetness to it.

For me the most interesting part of theater is the relationship between the audience and the performer. In creating a theater, you get to mold essentially, out of raw clay, what that relationship's going to be. That's an interesting thing you don't get to do on Broadway.

What we've done (in Detroit) is created a movie set so it gives movie-goers a chance to enter a space that feels like a sound stage and in fact, is very sound-stage-like in how it's set up, ... But the set that you're entering into is a collage of both existing and historical Detroit buildings.

The key is to have a kind of core DNA - a series of pieces that are part of the look of the restaurant, that change and morph based on conditions in each case.

We're showing the romance of travel at a different scale -- not at the level of a whole building, but as a series of experiences on the inside, on a scale that doesn't try and compete with the Saarinen building.

It creates a kind of landmark that people know when they go to Rosa. It's almost like an oasis. It's kind of cool; it orients you.

We identify with her pain and grieving.