Mr. Ruebhausen was a man who was deeply interested in social justice, who wanted to make the Yale Law School even better in terms of social justice and international atmosphere. His commitment to that formed a great part of his very successful life.

You can't blame Mother Nature if your business did poorly at the Shore. Unless it was so hot people didn't want to go to the beach.

We had more rain in the past three days than combined in most parts of the state in August and September.

Our broad concern remains that looking forward, it will be difficult on present policies, in our view, for the UK to meet its fiscal rules.

[Ruebhausen] was a belt and suspenders person he was a lawyer who thought through all his options but was intimidating, especially to people he interviewed. He was a wonderful man and he had a great sense of humor.

This is a landmark deal for the ports industry.

Everyone started running. Everybody was panicked.

Higher education institutions demand an endpoint security solution that can remain up-to-date with the ever growing diversity of end user devices. Our partnership with OPSWAT ensures that our valued clients will continue to receive the industry's broadest and most advanced endpoint security management functionality available.

The impact is presumably larger than the Asians' on global interest rates.