The real relationship … to actually be in St. Louis and start to really make the music with people.

GETTING your rocks off.

The more volume you run over a network, the better your pricing will be.

The most gifted of the new generation of American conductors.

One of the principal differences between the work that I have done at other places, either as a guest conductor or as a music director, and that of St. Louis is that I feel the biggest potential we have here is that we play the music with the type of emotional understanding that few other orchestras match. So while we're trying to come as close to technical perfection as hu.

The definition of big-time changed over the last five years and not even a retailer as big as Sears was big enough to own its own (credit card) business.

We are very much in listening mode and we are keen to hear what people think of these proposals.

Visa continues to gain ground and as Visa sends more and more transactions over its network, it just gets stronger and stronger, ... The money will be used, in part, to better compete for co-brand deals with airlines and large merchants worldwide.

It's unexpected revenue, because people are just doing what they were always doing. It's not like a whole new market opened up. There's no behavioral change. It's just more money.