It is definitely more amicable this time.

I'd prefer it if it was Sunday afternoon right now but never mind.

Obviously they (Ferrari) are extremely strong at the moment and if we get them in our sights I'll be very happy.

In Mississippi some people didn't know we were there until we knocked on their door.

There were 10 million nails everywhere you stepped. There was hazardous waste. There was sewage. The dogs don't have nice steel-toed boots that they can wear. They have to walk through the muck and they are decontaminated and washed every time they get back from a search.

It was kind of like camping near a landfill. Everywhere outside of our base of operations was destroyed and everyone was fending for themselves.

The way I went about it this year has been much better. The conversations we have had have been very good.

Germany is guaranteed a place on the WRC calendar in the future and is increasingly looking like a very important location for the championship.

We set out 10 years ago to improve safety for competitors and spectators. We've not seen a driver killed for 20 years almost.