"David Reilly" was the singer and songwriting/production partner in the electro-rock band God Lives Underwater (GLU), signed by Rick Rubin to American Recordings (US)/American Recordings in 1993.

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We may be in a period you might not get your 10% a year.

There are medical people chomping at the bit to help out.

The volume does not pay for the service.

He will remain off the job.

We had not heard that there would be an issue and now that the day has arrived that is in fact a reality.

We'll notify them again when there's a definite date.

We learned about it that weekend, he was suspended that Monday and he's remained off the job since then. There are very rigid requirements for certified probation staff as far as any criminal history.

Our population base that's over 65 is almost double the state average. Obviously, we are particularly vulnerable to reimbursement cuts to Medicare.