"David Reeves" can refer to:

*Davy DMX, American hip hop musician

*David Wallis Reeves, American composer

*David Reeves (composer), Australian composer and organist

*David Reeves (computing), former president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment until April 30, 2009

*Dave Reeves, English former footballer

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We've got to play for 60 minutes. It was a good game until we let it slip away. When we go back and watch the film we'll see the mistakes. Some of the kids saw them as they were happening and even knew what they needed to do differently.

These kids need a breakthrough. They are ready. We just need to help them get one. I think it will open the floodgates.

How many big plays can you look at? - A fake punt, 97-yard run and an interception for a touchdown. Three snaps determined the outcome of the game.

He's a very good tight end. The more people watch film, the more they'll find out. You can't hide a kid like that.

Every matchup on the field is going to be big. If we can get good protection up front, it gives our wide-outs an advantage. The more pressure (Tech) can put on (quarterback) Adam (Sanchez), the better matchup their secondary gets.

Defensively we didn't execute a few things and I should have put us maybe in a couple of better calls.

They're solid everywhere. You don't see a weakness anywhere on that defense.

I thought the offense got better as the game went on. You saw them moving the ball. I think they started finding their rhythm in the second half.

It's tough to stay positive after that (38-14) score, but I do like our potential. I knew we had a lot of young kids on defense. I'm hoping some of them will grow up quick. They're getting a baptism by fire.