David Powers
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"David Francis Powers," Special Assistant to President John F. Kennedy.

"David Francis Powers" was Special Assistant and assistant Appointments Secretary to President of the United States John F. Kennedy. Powers served as Museum Curator of the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum from 1964 until his retirement in May 1994. Powers was a military veteran who had served in the United States Army Air Corps/U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II from 1942 to 1945. Powers was also a very close, personal friend of John F. Kennedy.

The son of Irish immigrants, Powers was born in the Charlestown, Boston/Charlestown section of Boston.

During the Assassination of John F. Kennedy/assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Powers and Kenneth P. O'Donnell were riding in the United States Secret Service/Secret Service follow-up car directly behind the presidential limousine and are seen in the famous Zapruder film. In 1996, the Assassination Records Review Board released three-minutes of film footage captured by Powers in Dallas prior the assassination. Powers said he began filming when the motorcade left Dallas Love Field/Love Field but ran out of film at 12:17 p.m before reaching Dealey Plaza.

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It won't be easy, especially considering we have not attended all National events this season, but regardless our goal is set, the team is determined and we are going to give it all we have to finish in the Top 10. As everyone knows in this sport, anything is possible.

We think that the second half will indeed turn out to be better for Intel, ... They're doing an excellent job reducing their cost. They're going to be introducing some new products toward the end of the year and then out to year 2000.

Regardless, that's a couple of weeks from now. For right now we're going to celebrate our team's first Top Fuel win!

From Intel's perspective, this is a new market they're trying to enter that has high margins. They need to be successful in order to offset the low-end market.

Keep in mind that it's only a six-month delay, so it's not catastrophic ... (But) right now there are a lot of clouds in the sky. There's speculation that their second quarter will be difficult. There's the problems in Asia and the sluggish Japanese economy. A lot of things don't bode well in the near term.

Motorola finally has the wind behind their back, ... The semiconductor industry is in the early stages of a recovery. We're really seeing the profitability of Motorola start to improve. We think that will continue over the next two quarters and during the second half of the year as well.

This gives us tremendous momentum going into Indy.

This was a case about how Intel used intellectual property from its customers. It makes for a tougher case to prove when the competition improves, and customer are better off.

The last thing you want is a long, drawn-out war. It doesn't help your PR.