I just want to help. I'm an American and want to do whatever I can to assist these people. There is nothing in it for me except the knowledge that we tried, in our own way, to help.

I want to see things such as a buffer zone to protect the property values of the homes around the area.

Collectors continue to provide great feedback about the Box Set release and two of the things they continued to ask for were the introduction of dual-autograph cards and the continuation of the low numbered green autograph cards they saw in the 2004 releases. We were pleased to respond to this feedback and believe this set will build on the success of the previous releases.

This is a hazard on so many levels, ... Think if you were a neighbor and were feeling down, you might look at this mess and say, gee, just one car in my yard isn't so bad. The next thing you know, the entire neighborhood looks like this.

By then (15) they have had their own kids in their development programme for two years. They prefer our kids to finish their schooling in New Zealand.

Parramatta are only looking at under-15s, unless there is someone exceptional.

There was one main road ... packed for weeks, bumper-to-bumper... with U.S. convoys ... pushing toward Baghdad.