"Sir David Edwin Pepper" Order of St Michael and St George/KCMG is a British civil servant who was the director of the British intelligence agency Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) from 2003 to 2008.

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One reason for the great year is that Choice provides a great return on investment to franchisees. We consider our franchisees our customers and our partners in this business, and we recognize that the best way to keep them happy is to provide a good ROI. Our sales results show that franchisees-both current and potential-recognize what a good investment it is to be a part of the Choice system.

Our 2005 salesperson of the year award winners have brought great value to Choice as a result of their efforts. The franchise sales team had another record-breaking year with 639 executed contracts in 2005, continuing our pattern of record growth from 2004 and establishing a standard by which we will measure 2006.

Part of getting along well is ... to put what was a good race behind us. We're going to work closely together. To move the region forward, you need a county commission that can really work closely together. Frankly, before the race, Mark and I always had a good relationship and we have a good relationship now.

We want council members who are going to support the police in doing their jobs; and who are going to make sure that the laws are enforced to make these absentee landlords maintain their properties,'' said Pete Witte, the Price Hill Civic Club president who helped organize the PAC. POWR PAC -.

We used to be - in the late '90s - incredibly low and we can't say that anymore.

Moving Alexandra to the franchise growth and performance team was a strategic move for Choice Hotels. By adding Alexandra, with her brand strategy background, to my team, we will be able to further build brand equity through strategic growth and additional focus on property level performance.

Once you pick it up, it's hard to put down, as my staff reminds me again and again. I figured they would settle it, given how ubiquitous the BlackBerry has become, but I was still bracing to go back to the Stone Ages without it.

For Richland County, the combined costs for residential, commercial and industrial customers would increase by more than $6 million.

Firefighters are on the front lines - working every day to make our city safe. They are among the most valued public servants in the city, and I look forward to working with them to make our city safer.