"José David Peñín Montilla", better known under the anglicized form "David Penn", is a house music record producer/producer from Spain. He was born in Madrid. Penn is a member of several dance music projects, including "Kadoc" and "Deux", and of the DJ/production team "DJ Chus and David Penn". As Kadoc, Penn reached #14 in the UK Top 40 with the track "The Nighttrain" and #34 with "Rock the Bells". As Deux, Penn reached #35 in the Dutch Music Charts with the track "Sun Rising Up". As DJ Chus & David Penn, he reached in #19 in the Finland Singles Top 20 with the track "Baila".

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Really, we haven't seen much change since May.

With a different model and a different analyst, two different studies will come up with different figures.

The taxes on businesses are generating substantial funds.

We're not throwing darts at a dart board. There is a methodology that's been developed over the last 30 or 40 years.

It depends on what measure of size you're looking at. Is it payroll? Is it employment? Is it industrial output?

Clearly, this is a part of the state that is doing really well right now, in terms of manufacturing and just about every thing else.

Jobs are growing just fast enough to absorb the new entrants into the labor market but no faster.

We wanted to do something as a couple.

For some of them, it's pretty straightforward. Like manufacturing. That's its own classification in the employment statistics.