People need to have a respect just for the sheer mass of trains, ... Most trains are 6,000 feet long and 5,000 tons or more. When you think about it, that's a lot of weight to stop.

[The advertisement is] a statement of our intent, that we are a committed and powerful brand, ... It's also a statement to the investment community that we will continue to develop and market innovative products.

Each system should have a breaker box on the side of the house, and generators can be hooked up there, ... It isn't a big problem right now, and if power is restored in the next day or so, it will be okay.

I've heard statistics that an engineer will hit three people in a 20-year career, ... I'm not looking forward to the day I do (hit someone), but it's probably inevitable.

The significant global audience that the UEFA Champions League delivers will provide Sony Electronics with an unrivalled media platform to further build brand image and increase product awareness.