"David Patterson" may refer to:

*David Patterson (born 1947), American professor of computer science at UC Berkeley

*Dave Patterson (born 1956), baseball player

*David Patterson (guitarist) (born 1966), American guitarist who was a founding member of the New World Guitar Trio

*David Patterson (American football) (born 1985), defensive lineman for the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Atlanta Falcons

*David J. Patterson or Paddy Patterson (born 1950), Irish scientist at Marine Biological Laboratory

*David P. Patterson, 19th-century director of New Jersey and New York Railroad, and a town father of Hillsdale, New Jersey

*David T. Patterson (1818–1891), American politician; Democrat from Tennessee; in U.S. Senate 1866–69

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It's like a little criminal museum.

The support of her family and friends has really made a difference in her recovery, ... And I expect she will continue doing good.

Everything down here is something people got in trouble with.

She's only 16 and younger people do better in rehabilitation because they are still growing, ... Samantha is a fighter, and I know she'll keep going.

It's not trivial. The hard part is building something that people can use and having it scale to millions of people.

This is consistent with the history of our field. This demonstrates the importance of the participation of government-funded academics.

I think he should have won the Nobel Prize. I don't know why he didn't. He was sort of a shy person who didn't promote himself outside the scientific community. He would rather work in the lab.

She's not in a coma or a vegetative state; she is responsive, cooperative and alert, and she is doing quite well.

The worst thing that happens is someone comes out of the bullpen (an area in which prisoners are held to await court proceedings). Someone comes down here. Someone leaves the door open. Someone gets a weapon and they go back upstairs, ... I wouldn't want to be the guy who didn't do something and then, when something happens, people would say, 'Why didn't you do anything?'