"David Ogden" is the name of:

*David Ogden (politician) (born 1944), mayor from 2004 to 2010 of Hutt City in the Wellington region of New Zealand

*David Ogden (conductor) (born 1966), English composer and choral conductor

*David A. Ogden (1770–1829), U.S. Representative from New York

*David Ayres Depue Ogden (1897–1969), United States Army lieutenant general

*David W. Ogden (born 1953), American lawyer and former Deputy Attorney General

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We allege that in carrying out that campaign, they pulled no punches, ... For decades, they repeatedly and consistently denied that smoking cigarettes causes disease, despite their knowledge that it does.

It's our belief that presidential papers belong to all the American people.

[An attorney for Ladner said yesterday that he could not comment on the statement.] I haven't seen it. Someone on the board has obviously leaked it to the press but withheld it from Dr. Ladner, so he cannot respond, ... It is very disappointing that members of the board would harm the university by continuing a constant series of leaks that distort the truth.

Given the Court of Appeals decision, this is a fair resolution for the American taxpayer.

Today's decision by the arbitration panel secures the original Zapruder film for the public and guarantees that it will be preserved in the National Archives, where it belongs.

The resolution of these issues ensures that this evidence of one of the most tragic events in American history will be protected for scholarly and research uses.

We are looking at possible future layoffs.

There's definitely a growing gap between African-American culture and baseball. The doors Jackie Robinson worked on opening may not be closing, but the hinges are definitely getting rusty.