In theory, we should finish third in the group.

It would, if carried out, create a Virtual America, an America based upon a sampling, an imputation, a probability, a likelihood.

[David Murray, the elder by four minutes, never lets his younger sibling forget he is smarter and more mature.] His youthful exuberance reveals itself way too often, ... You can tell he is the younger one.

The sky just exploded. It was debris everywhere. It moved across the road and then it just grew, it kept growing and growing and debris was just everywhere.

The results reflect an excellent performance from all of the business operations of the club. Football business has moved much closer towards a sustainable cost base for the long term.

The phone is now ringing.

The sky just exploded. It was debris everywhere. When it went across the road and it hit all the houses over there ... it was something you can't explain.

We are having a ball. And it's a treat to work with my brother.