We had about 17 inches with that last big storm we had out here, but that was light, fluffy snow. This one is a lot harder (to shovel), and it's really icy underneath. It's really slippery.

The pace of review has quickened, which creates dynamism. There's no indication of a market trend going back east. Besides, if we think we have a hold on business just because of geography, then we're only real-estate agents.

It's all on the up-and-up. It was a good business decision for him and for the university. There's nothing worse than to have a coach locked into a five- or six-year contract that doesn't want to be here.

If we're going to become the kind of company we talk about in terms of business acumen, we have to have a pipeline of really great business leadership coming through.

My opinion is to stretch the dollar. The fifth-sixth-grade plan is ultimately the best.

I've had to kind of work on using the lower half of my swing. It's kind of helped me to create a little more rhythm and create a lot better power numbers. I'm just trying to go with that and build on that, and basically just trying to figure myself out and my own swing so I can make adjustments better.

The whole idea of this development is to get people back into the city centre because after 6pm there is no one in the city.

Sandra brings extensive experience in corporate, securities, business practice, and intellectual property law, as well as mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and contract negotiations to Mercury. Sandra is a valuable addition to our executive team, and I am pleased to have her join Mercury in this important role.

Imagine scoring a touchdown and the Northern Lights in the shopping center lights up and comes into the stadium.