"David Alejandro Molina Guerra" is a Honduras/Honduran Association football/football Defender (association football)/defender who currently plays for C.D. Motagua/Motagua in the Liga Nacional de Honduras/Honduran national league.

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According to the victim it happened on-campus and off campus and there was some e-mails that were exchanged, and some gifts that were exchanged. And some witnesses say they saw them ... that they were close by, together.

Cameras will take a picture of the license plates. The company sends (the driver) a photo, and a citation.

The only way I would support a property tax is if the city was going to declare Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy. We're not there yet.

It was consensual in the beginning and then afterwards it was not.

It's gun-to-the-head politics. If you don't approve this tax, we'll take this away from you.

Really at any point it.. it shouldn't ever have happened. Anytime you have an adult as a teacher with a student, there's no excuse for any type of relationship.