It certainly appears that this is a stock Wall Street is going to be looking at very closely, with an optimistic overview.

We love it. We think this will be one of the banner stocks of the fourth quarter.

Supply is going to be an issue that will be an overhang for the stock.

I think there's going to be demand, but I wouldn't say it's strong. We're not talking about a runaway.

I'm just a little bit concerned about, going forward, whether they can achieve a growth record that is going to have more of a thrust in the U.S. markets.

For the banker, this is a door opener. It's the beginning of many transactions to come.

There are more possibilities as to why this is being delayed than I think Carter's got pills, as the saying goes.

Financially, they've turned a corner quite dramatically.

Although investors have basically had their fill of energy stocks, the fundamentals still point to a very strong sector, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.