It's difficult to get good homes here. By the time we get here in December, it's hard. A lot of people are already here before us, and they get the best places.

Based on current funding levels we don't have a good feel for actually when that would happen.

All of these players came off the bench and did a really good job. We got off to a slow start, but played well as a team after this.

Don't go too fast on the freeway 'cause every five miles you go over 60 miles per hour uses up, like, a fourth more gas than usual.

I grabbed the gun. I took it out of his hand and took him to the ground and I put my friend in my car and drove him to the hospital.

This is always a tough tournament to play in. Our main focus now is to get ready for our first district game.

I'm glad it's over, but I say fire them all. Fire every one of those workers.

We played pretty well in this game.

We played well in the first half. But Lake did a good job of changing up their defense in the second half, and this got us in trouble.