They are going slowly and deliberately because the questions and the information they have to get out of people are very important to both sides.

It was a long and comprehensive process and they handled it expeditiously.

What we're doing is saying, this is a six-month trial period to see if Community Resource Center can bring forward a viable project.

Too often in other states there hasn't been rigorous authorizing, and that has resulted in problems. Here, from the outset, we've taken great pains to be thorough.

I've seen a demonstration for children when they all stand around a piano to play a piece of music, but each person can only play their note. It's a similar concept.

I can go a year before an oil change.

It's just a fabulous new education option for our community. We have a desperate need for a school like this.

In an exceptional field of applicants, Paul was the strongest candidate. We were especially impressed with the emphasis he places on academic performance and the overall integration of the student-athlete into campus life.

We couldn't find a rental company with a truck big enough for us.

We want to give as much as we can back to our sponsors and benefactors.