They all know they're good. The neat thing about him is he's coachable and competitive. He wants to be the best. He's not satisfied where he is.

No matter how bad a person she might have been, no matter what kind of business she might have been in, it shouldn't be a factor. It's not right to take somebody's life.

It was a tough shot. But he got it in and that's all that counts.

We expected Mr. Blake to conduct himself in a professional manner.

The event is bigger than St. Mary's-Brophy. It's an honor to be there.

We're very happy to get this win, especially being conference.

It was very important to give them the wind first. That way we knew in the second half we could take advantage of the wind and we did. Also, Chris Tidwell did a great job out there. He made some great saves that had my heart beating (fast) for a couple seconds.

We're trying to develop his leadership and vocal part. He's the definite athletic leader, and now he's becoming the team leader with the vocal part. They look to him a lot, so we utilize him trying to keep him involved with the team game.