The medium does convey a large part of the message. There is a ladder of emotional temperature attached to communications, and e-mail tend to the coldest of the lot.

This is an area known as Cancer Alley, and there's a good reason for that. Contaminants were already a problem (in local waters).

The temperatures will affect how quickly our linemen are able to work. The wind itself is going to be blowing those tree branches around, that are already in a very precarious position.

The combined company will be stronger from a distribution and product standpoint. Nevertheless, we do not expect the merger of the two companies to alleviate the pressures from low fixed product sales and the challenging interest-rate environment.

Employers are looking for products to mitigate that inflationary trend.

Whether it's the courts or regional offices of executive agencies, members of Congress want some control over how things are done in their states or districts. As long as they have some influence over the picks, they like the patronage system.

Administration jobs are a way of rewarding campaign workers and, in more recent years, people who raise a lot of money. All presidents appoint cronies. The difference is that not all of them are publicly exposed the way Michael Brown was.

An articulate, intelligent man full of integrity who loves his community.

It's an acute emergency, so I'd be surprised if anyone was against it.